ABout us

ABout us

Message From Our CEO

  • Our CEO David J. Ruoppo has over 45 years combined experience in the Electrical, Electronics, Construction, Electrical Testing & Commissioning, Electric Utility, and Power Generation Industries as referenced below:

  • Electric Utilities Transmission and Distribution Projects:
    Asset Commissioning Manager/Electrical Testing & Commissioning Manager – High Voltage Substations/Switching Stations Projects/ Outages including Construction and Electrical Testing & Commissioning, Energization, and As-Built Drawings.
  • Power Generation Stations Projects:
    Electrical Field Supervisor-Fleet Outages Management Group – Construction and Start-Up-Electrical Testing & Commissioning of High Voltage, Medium Voltage, Low Voltage Equipment, and Commercial Operation/Outages-Electrical Maintenance.

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David J. Ruoppo


About Us

EWE POWER CONSULTING LLC was founded in July 2020
with a vision of the future where Power Generation and
Electric Utility Power Delivery are extremely well interfaced as well as optimized to perfection. The founder, management, and staff have many years of experience in the field.
By providing our EWE EXCELLENT WORK EXPERIENCE and Expertise to Electric Utility and Power Generation companies Projects we ensure their Projects progress smoothly. Our goal is to provide a unique Power Consulting experience that brings a high level of success to Electric Utility and Power Generation companies.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to provide Excellent Power Consulting Services through Power Generation and Electric Utility Projects with our unique EWE Excellent Work Experience and High Technical Expertise in Construction & Commissioning Management/Oversight, thereby ensuring a high level of success to our clients and their Projects.”

Our Vision

"Our vision is to ensure Power Generation Companies and Electric Utilities highly successful Projects by providing proficiency, expertise, and efficiency in Construction & Commissioning Management/Oversight, which translates to exceptional Power Generation and Power Delivery."